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Our Philosophy

We believe that learning should be a joyous, happy experience.  A positive self-concept is vitally important to success.  If a young child develops a positive self image, is encouraged to think independently, is presented with situations which are stimulating at the appropriate developmental level, is in a warm, caring environment and has the reinforcement of a competent teacher, then learning should be a natural extension of the environment.  He/She will learn by experimentation, by inquiry, by testing the evidence of his/her senses and by meeting and solving problems as they occur.

The play concept, or learning through play, is highly endorsed by professionals in the field and leading universities with early childhood programs.  Materials and equipment are geared to the needs of the child and are primarily aimed at developing perceptual, auditory, tactile and manipulative skills.

Learning takes place as a child discovers new things, experiences, experiments, and makes decisions, accepts responsibility, recognizes and and is sensitive to the needs of others, chooses friends and finally realizes that he/she likes him/herself because he/she is important with his/her own unique personality and gifts.

Our Program

Our program is developmental in approach and great emphasis is placed on the child learning and doing for his/herself at their individual level.  There is a time for structured activities when the teacher presents cognitive training or materials to a group.  There is order and routine; the children have to clean up, get ready for different activities, follow directions and be aware and recognize the needs and rights of others.  There is freedom of choice, time to choose, and a wide variety of ever-changing materials and experiences from which to choose.  Emphasis is also placed on free-play time.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a rich, satisfying and constructive experience for three, four and five year olds as well as elementary-school children.  No person, student, teacher or administrative staff is excluded on the basis of race, color, sex, creed or national origin.  We believe that positive attitudes formed in the crucial first years will continue and be augmented throughout the school years.  Well-planned learning experiences in the early years will benefit not only the individual child but his family and community as well.

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